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Tips for Making your Job Search Easy on Stafficial

Our prime focus has always been on making the experience of users seamless by using state-of-the-art technology and innovative methods as we realize that you use our platform for landing your dream job. So, if navigating our website is cumbersome, we and our users, both will not be able to achieve our respective objectives.

We pay attention to various factors for ensuring that job aspirants find suitable jobs easily and quickly on our employment portal. If you are unfamiliar with our website navigation or finding it difficult to view jobs that match your needs and interests, follow the tips mentioned here.

Search Box

The search box having two fields, namely, ‘Keyword’ and ‘Job Location’ present on the Home Page( can be used for finding jobs.

  • Enter the relevant keyword as per your qualification, skills, or desired job title in the keyword field.
  • Then, enter your preferred job location, i.e., the name of the city or state in which you want to work in the job location field.
  • Click on the ‘Find’ button located adjacent to search fields for viewing results generated by the AI (Artificial Intelligence) algorithm.

If you don’t want to limit your job search to particular keywords or job locations, you can click on the ‘Find’ button by without filling any detail in the two fields. You can even opt to fill one of the fields and leave the other field empty.

TOP and TRENDING Categories

If you want to know which are the top or trending categories in the recruitment market, you can view the same on the Home Page as we have created separate sections for both. On clicking on any of the categories, you will be redirected to a dedicated page on which you can view all the existing jobs in that category.

Job Search Menu Option

You can use the menu option ‘Job Search’ at the top of every page on our website. Under this menu option, there are various sub-menu items, like ‘Jobs By Location’, ‘Jobs By Skills’, ‘Jobs By Industry’, ‘Jobs By Function’, and ‘Fresher Jobs’.

  • By clicking on any of the first four sub-menu items, you will be redirected to a page wherein you will be able to see different options for the respective parameter, i.e., location, skill, industry, or function. Click on the suitable option for viewing job opportunities.
  • By clicking on the last (fifth) sub-menu item, i.e., ‘Fresher Jobs’, you will be redirected to a page wherein you will be able to see all the fresher jobs.


The two menu options ‘TRENDING JOBS’ and ‘JOBS BY LOCATION’ present in the footer on every page of our website can be used for advanced job search.

Job Search Result Pages

The job search result page that you land on through ‘Search Box’, ‘TOP and TRENDING Categories’, and ‘Job Search Menu Option’ and other ways has different search criteria fields or parameters, for example, job freshness, employment type, and employers.

  • You can conduct a more refined job search by selecting the appropriate option for all these search criteria parameters.
  • The job freshness refers to the date on which a job has been posted. You can view the latest jobs as well as jobs posted some days ago.
  • The employment types include full-time, part-time, intern, seasonal, temporary, and contract positions.
  • The employment types include full-time, part-time, intern, seasonal, temporary, and contract positions.
  • By choosing any specific employer in the ‘Employers’ field, you can view jobs posted by that employer (organization).

Individual Job Pages

You can land on the individual vacancy page by clicking on the job title or ‘View Job’ button for every vacancy. Once you land on an individual job page, you will be able to view the entire details about the vacancy. You can check job description, eligibility, employment type, location, and more.

  • Existing users can click on the ‘Login to Apply’ button for entering their username and password to apply for the job.
  • New users can click on the ‘Register and Apply’ button for registering themselves on the portal to apply for the job.