Jobseeker Reviews

Stafficial reviews by our happy customers.


Vineet Narula

According to me, finding a good job is equally difficult. Working on a job that one doesn't like might lead to severe problems like depression. That's why I wanted a job that meets at least 80-90% of my expectations, including doing justice to my qualifications and providing job satisfaction. I was able to find the right job on the Stafficial job portal very easily.


Arun Tavade

I was searching for a job on almost every job portal, but Stafficial proved to be greatly useful as it has a large number of job postings. I applied to some of the jobs posted on this website and landed one of them successfully!


Santosh Nambiyar

The increasing number of vacancies in my company made me feel pressurized a lot. I utilized all the resources at my disposal, including my professional and social circles, online job boards, and networking sites. But no luck. Then, I tried the Stafficial job portal. From the first day of posting the jobs, I started receiving applications. Within a few weeks, all the vacancies were filled.


Nakul Gupta

After attending several interviews that didn't lead to a single job offer, I was quite sure that there is something wrong with my interview skills. So, consulting experts for interview preparation became necessary. I came to know about the training and placement preparation program offered by Stafficial by searching on Google. I joined the program and immediately after it ended, I won an amazing job offer. The program helped me to enhance my knowledge and build interpersonal skills.


Shalini Malviya

Finding a new job while being already employed is tough. I was not able to manage my time efficiently to search for good opportunities and submit applications. But free job alerts sent on my email id from Stafficial were like a boon! As soon as I used to get notifications for the latest openings in my chosen field, I used to apply to those. It saved my time and helped me get a job. I would recommend people like me to set up an email job alert on Stafficial.


Vishnu Roy

Not many people prefer to spend on resume writing services, but believe me, a professionally curated resume can impress the hiring manager, and most importantly, beat the applicant tracking system. I got my resume written by Stafficial's resume writer and received many interview calls after using the same.


Neha Mahanta

Being from the human resources field, I understand the importance that employees hold in an organization. I always insist on hiring the best candidates. That's why I didn't hesitate in buying the resume database package of Stafficial. Reaching the maximum number of candidates is vital for achieving the desired outcome. Our organization benefitted a lot from the resume database as we got extremely qualified employees.


Sofy Christian

Stafficial is a perfect recruitment website for business enterprises that are involved in multiple industries as job seekers from diverse industries are registered on it.


Smit Patel

I am passionate about reading interesting blog posts on job search, career tips, and employment trends. I used to follow the blog of Stafficial since my college days. But when I had to start searching for a job, I didn't think of using Stafficial. However, when I didn't achieve any progress in my job search, I registered on the Stafficial portal. I hope I had done it earlier because, within a week of creating an account, I landed 5 interviews.


Lynda Tucker

If you are looking for professional training and consultation for honing your skills and preparing for an interview, you should get enrolled in the training and placement preparation program designed by Stafficial. It truly works! I am saying this from my personal experience.


Smriti Rai

I signed up for career booster services of Stafficial to share my resume with top companies in the industry and location of my choice. I have to admit that I received a favorable return on my investment. I was approached by some of the great companies for attending an interview. I got more job offers than expected. I selected the best job offer as per my goals.


Alex Gill

I wanted to conduct an extensive job search and Stafficial helped me fulfil my needs. On this job portal, I could view jobs across various industries and locations. I got a suitable job offer from a reputed company.


Pooja Goyal

Using employment portals was not in my mind when I started my job hunt after completing my studies. I relied on connections I made in college and platforms like LinkedIn. But very soon, I realized that the information about relevant job openings cannot be obtained without using an employment portal. So, I registered on Stafficial. I am glad that I took this decision as I earned a job offer at the right time.


Ashok Pandit

My manager was not willing to buy a resume database package due to financial constraints. But, when I showed him the price of all resume database packages of Stafficial, he was amazed as the prices were quite reasonable and the benefits were huge. We tapped into a pool of eligible candidates for the vacancies in all the departments in our organization.


Pradeep Singha

I never thought highlighting a resume is an option available to job aspirants until I came to know about Stafficial's resume highlighter service. As a vast number of employers and hiring managers saw my resume while searching for candidates on the platform of Stafficial for 15 days, I received interview calls continually. I got the chance to select the most suitable job from all the available job offers.