10 Reasons You are Asking Yourself: Why Can’t I Find a Job?

10 Reasons You are Asking Yourself: Why Can't I Find a Job?

Job searching is stressful, especially when you need it the most. Markets are down, and so the employees are lead off from their current positions. Experienced, as well as entry-level candidates, are finding it difficult to get a job. Even recruiters are in a dilemma on hiring new candidates as the companies as well are having financial issues.
These are the times when even some of the qualified people are taking months to get a good job, one of the kinds they wanted. And so it’s not at all something about how you are searching for your jobs. So there is no way of blaming yourself as it is not going to help you get a job. Instead, figure out Why Can’t I Find a Job and change what you lack to attract better opportunities. So if you are looking for reasons why you aren’t finding a job as fast as you’d want, here are some possibilities you might want to consider – and work on it.

10 Possible Reasons on “Why Can’t I Find a Job?” and You can Working on:

  1. Have a look at your Resume:

This might seem silly, but most often, job seekers don’t give enough importance to their resume, and this surely can be the reason behind not getting a job. Your Resume is not just about your educational details. A good resume should mention your achievements, your skills, and personal information in chronological order. And if you can’t figure out what is wrong with your Resume, then you can ask someone else to look at it or take professional guidance. There are various resume writing services available online that can create a good professional resume for you. So check them out and start working on your resume.

  1. Do you send a cover letter?

Yes, you read that right. No matter how old fashioned it is but sending a cover letter is still important. And even if you do, check out if it is drafted well and does not have grammatical errors. If it doesn’t match with your resume says you can do, it can look like you simply had someone else write your resume while you are weak on the skills the resume claims you have. Your cover letter helps you sell yourself to an employer. So even using the same cover letter won’t do justice to your job search. It is always advisable to send a different cover letter to each employer specifying the company and your goals while you work with them to get the attention of an employer.

  1. Not applying for enough jobs!

If you are just applying for jobs in top companies you want to work, then this might be one of the biggest reasons for not getting a job. The situations are bad, and so just waiting for that specific organization to get hired might takes months or years. And there is no point in staying unemployed till they hire you. To apply for as many jobs as you can that you find yourself a perfect fit. This way, you can also broaden your reach and attract better job opportunities.

  1. Waiting for networks to get a job!

Your networks do great work when it comes to job search, but that’s not always possible. The job market is highly competitive, and so should be you. Only waiting for your friends and relatives to get you hired in their company might take longer as not all companies are hiring. Instead, it would help if you opted for job portals as they have better reach. Paid or unpaid is all up to you. Job portals have better access to the top hiring employers, and so they help in your job search. Only waiting for your network to get a good opportunity for you might be one of the reasons for not getting a job despite having all the qualities.

  1. Waiting for the Right Job:

I have met people who wait for great opportunities instead of grabbing the smaller ones. It is a human tendency to dream of great success, but they often forget that to reach great heights, they will need to take their first step. And the first step is grabbing any and every opportunity that comes to you. It would make no sense to wait for high jobs and letting opportunities slip from your hands in such economic conditions. So grab any opportunity you get. As waiting for a high paying dream job might be one of the reasons for not getting hired. Also, your perfect Job might not be as great in reality, as you think. This way, you may overlook a job that sounds only ok but turns out to be great. Or at least it is far better than no job at all.

  1. You reach the door but can’t open it:

Yes, I am talking about interviews. You often get to interviews but are finding it difficult to get hired; it can simply be a matter of not having found the right fit. And trust me, its not just you. It happens to most of us. And that’s when we need to figure out what went wrong in the interview and then work on it. You might just need to brush up your interview skills.

  1. You got skills, but you fail to exhibit them:

In an interview, candidates often miss out on exhibiting skills that they have got. This makes interviewers doubt the skills that you mentioned in the CV. So if you fall in the same category, then it is always good to figure out your ways to exhibit your skills. There is no rule book, so do it your way as this might be the reason for not getting a job. Interviewers can simply ask questions for skills you have mentioned or required to do that job, so either mention what you got or develop the skills you have mentioned to ace an interview.

  1. Your attitude during an interview:

We are often told to be confident during interviews, but that should not turn to over-confidence. A Know-it-all attitude is good to prove yourself as a strong and self-confident candidate. But you don’t need to show it on others; instead, you can show it through things you’ve accomplished. So tell it positively but not by bragging. You need to remember that interviews are conversations, and you need to show respect to the person and show who you are through accomplishment stories. Your know-it-all attitude can be the reason for not getting hired despite the interview.


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  1. Your experience and the Job

So you came across a job description which mentions all the skills and you are a perfect fit for the specific job responsibilities. And the only thing that you lack is experience. But that should not let you stop from applying for the position. Employers can take a chance to hire someone with less experience than they have mentioned if the person has the required skills and meets their expectations. So don’t let experience stop you from applying for jobs if you have all the skills and are capable enough to fulfill job responsibilities.

  1. You might be asking for a lot:

During an interview, if you need that job, you need to show you are happy to work with them. During some interviews, candidates make demands during the process or show how “wrong” the process is, and this might show how high maintenance you are. Employers don’t like to hire such candidates. So always be cooperative and use how they approach you to learn about them and what they require. But that does not need to mean take whatever they are offering, but everything you say and do reflects on what you would be like as an employee.

These are the few reasons why you might not be getting a job or taking it longer to find an employer. So if you are eagerly looking for a job, it is always better to work on your mistakes. You might not be even aware of these reasons mentioned above, but now that you finally know why you are not able to find a good job, work on them. Maybe you just need a shift of mindset to start working. Improving yourself is always better than sitting ideal doing nothing.

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