What To Say When Negotiating Salary: Tips for Salary Negotiation

How to Negotiate Your Salary- Salary Negotiation Tips

Finding a job that pays you well and the work that you can enjoy is the dream we all grow up with. Getting such a job requires patience, appropriate skills, and enthusiasm. You can find various jobs but asking the salary you deserve for it is a challenging task. For that, you need the right way or say manner to ask for what you deserve. You need to negotiate for what they are offering and what you are expecting.

Salary negotiation is something we all should be familiar with before applying for a job. Salary negotiations are more complicated and difficult than other negotiations because even a smaller change in salary can make a huge difference in your lives.

Salary negotiation is a discussion between an employee and an employer regarding the payment for the amount of work to be done at the firm by the employee. It doesn’t matter if you are a long term employee or a new candidate, it is important to negotiate for what you deserve in order to make peace with your job. Less salary than your expectations can affect the quality of your work and dedication towards it. Salary negotiation tips will help you know how to negotiate well without being rude.

How To Negotiate For Salary: Salary Negotiation

How to Negotiate Your Salary: Tips to Consider

So here are a few basic things to remember before you negotiate for salary:

  • Know your Credibility

Before you even begin searching for jobs or sometimes even salary negotiation, it is very important to know your worth.

Research plays a very vital role. Research what is the value of your skills and qualifications in a market. Research salaries long before you even discuss the pay.

This will not only help you know your worth but will also help you to search and apply for a better job.

  • Understand the demand in the market

Before you have a conversation regarding your salary understand the demand for your work in the market. You need to keep in mind the economic conditions at the time when you are about to have a salary discussion. Asking more than what they can provide may lead to losing the opportunity.

  • Discuss all the work details

After you apply for your job, discuss what exactly you will have to do. Even if you have experience and you are searching for a job in the same field there is always a possibility of few differences in a new position offered to you.

So, it becomes extremely important to discuss in detail the work you will do, what will be your working hours, holidays, shifts of work, certification, etc. This will help you know what and how much you need to charge for your contribution to the firm.

Do not negotiate just for the sake of negotiating. Negotiate only if you feel it’s less than what you deserve.

What to Say When Negotiating Salary – How to Negotiate Salary during Interview Conversation

So here are the basic things to remember when you start to have a conversation about your salary:

  1. Practice before you pitch:

Now that you know what you want and how much you can ask, practice how you are going to ask before you actually do. This will save you from getting nervous or confused while you actually have a conversation about it.

  1. Choose the correct moment:

You cannot jump to discuss your salary directly. Wait for the employer to ask you about your expectations or what they can provide. This will show that you are not going to work for them just for what they are going to pay you. You need to show dedication to the work assigned to you.

  1. Be Gracious while you have a conversation:

While you talk about your salary, you do not need to be rude even though you need to be firm. This may create your bad impression and you might lose your job even before getting it.

Being gracious yet being firm is a sign of self-confidence. So make sure you have your calm even if the discussion does not end in your favor.

You can ask questions such as shall we negotiate for this pay? What are the other benefits I can have other than the salary while you work? Such questions will save you from sounding rude.

  1. Be Confident with your words:

Make sure you confidently express all your tasks before you miss your chance. Explain your skills, qualities, and all the work you did in the past related to the post. So they don’t feel you are demanding more than what you deserve while you negotiate for your salary.


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  1. Avoid accepting the first offer:

It’s not necessary to accept whatever they offer you first and this won’t make you lose this opportunity.

You can explain to them how much you want and why are you demanding it. Accepting what they are offering even-though you are not happy with it can affect your quality of work. You can also have a conversation about what work you are capable of doing and your past experiences if you have any.

  1. Speak what exactly you want for the work you will be doing at this job:

Ask what you want first and be clear about it. Now that you have expressed what all your skills are its important to make your point clear. If you are confused about what salary you expect from this job there are chances you end up getting less than you deserve.

So do not get confused while you tell them about it.

  1. Explain the Market value of your work you will be doing:

While you are negotiating your salary it is important to convince the employer why you want the specific amount you are asking.

You can talk about the salaries other people are getting for the same work you are going to do for them. This will increases your chances of getting the raise you are expecting.

  1. Ask about future raise and promotions at the firm:

Once you are done with the discussion about what they are going to pay you for your work, make sure to ask about when will be the raise in your offered salary, and when can you expect a promotion. This will keep you motivated to work better with each passing day.  Don’t hesitate to ask this while joining a firm.

The more transparent you are while negotiating, the more you will be able to enjoy your work.

  1. Accept with gratitude:

When you are done with the conversation and negotiation goes well make sure to thank them for the increase or explain to them how grateful for the offer they have for you. This will make you and the employer happy.

And make sure to apologize if you made a mistake. Because you always need to maintain a healthy relationship at work.

  1. Be comfortable with NO:

If you are not satisfied with what you are getting or how much they can provide you can still say No. Explain to them your reasons for not taking the offer and say NO.

Keep in mind that there will be more opportunities in the future and when you are not satisfied with the amount credited to your bank for your work you can’t focus well and that affects your quality of work and the firm.

So do not take the offer when you are not happy.

After the negotiation, it is important to keep in mind what all skills you showed to get the raise and make sure to work accordingly. When you take the job make sure to give your hundred percent to your work.

The employer pays you for what the position given to your demands.

I hope now you all know now and have the idea about how to negotiate for your salary and ask for the better pay for what you deserve.

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