How to Get A Job in Marketing after College with No Experience

How to Get A Job in Marketing after College with No Experience

Remember when you were in high school and before you appeared for exams, you were told that life would be easier and your career would be sorted if you get great results. Today, you are a graduate and you are clearly laughing at the statement that they made at that time. Life doesn’t stop getting difficult after a certain point in time. In fact, it gets tougher and tougher. And if you are interested in the marketing industry. You are one amongst those million others who might be looking for a marketing job just like you are. Now, the big question is how to get a job in marketing after college with no experience and stand out amongst others to land up with a marketing job successfully. How will you beat those many others and acquire that position that you are aiming for?

We have a list of points for you so follow your journey ahead eyeing how to get a job in marketing after college:

  1. Figure Out Your Role in Marketing:

Marketing is a vast field, and so if you are just about to start your career, make sure you know what exactly you are looking for. The position you apply for must suit all your skills and qualifications and something that you enjoys doing. It might seem initially a little difficult to figure out, and so it is advisable to take the help of your friends or family who have some sort of similar career. Marketing jobs include social media strategist, web content writer, Email marketing, product manager, marketing analyst, etc. So for a start, choose what you want to have a career in and then begin your job hunt.

  1. RESEARCH!!!!

It becomes extremely vital to do some amount of web search related to the type of job you are searching for. For instance, if your interest lies in Digital Marketing, you should be thorough with each and every aspect of it. Try to understand the basics of Marketing and why you fit in the role of a Digital Marketer. You must do a good amount of research and be acquainted with the latest trends. Any recruiter would want to hire someone who genuinely wants to be a marketer and that can only be proved if you excel in learning all the important skills. Once you are convinced that you have inherited all the required skills, your second aim should be to know all the vital details about the company you are applying to.

  1. Take Out Some Time to Work on Your Skillset

Agreed that you can easily get certified by Google, but if you really have got time then why not work on your skill set more and more. By simply stating that you know about Ad words and Social Media doesn’t convince your interviewer. For your knowledge, there are courses available for that. To call yourselves as experts, you need to totally justify your knowledge regarding that field of work. Content Writing, HTML and a few other coding languages are few of the courses you can look for. Marketing jobs appreciate candidates if they excel in these areas.

  1. Attend Networking Events

It is always better to grow your network and get acquainted with marketing specialists. It is always better to meet new people related to the marketing field and get the right exposure. Many times, you manage to grab a job just by building meaningful contacts. The power of networking is quite high in this era of the digital world speaking of which you can also sign up on LinkedIn App and do the same. You would be astonished how easy your experience of finding a job would be.

  1. Find a Mentor

In case you are too confused and feel out of place, you can always reach out to someone who has got enough experience in the marketing world. That mentor could be anyone- your college professor, your experienced friend, your colleague, or even any of your family members. You just need to reach out to people who you think would be the best ones to seek help from. Some good guidance from an experienced person can help you fetch your dream job with ease. All that you are required to do is follow what they say diligently.

  1. Get Certifications Which are Applicable to The Job

It is often very beneficial to get certifications. There are many tools that marketing companies often use that offer free certifications. It is often required to take the Google analytics certification course that is provided for free by Google. You may mention your proficiency in Ad Words, Analytics, or Social media but you compromise on mentioning the desired skillset. They will be unimpressed by you if you fail to express in-depth knowledge about the same. So, it is always better to be certified with professional courses or simply get a Google certificate. If your interest lies particularly in the digital-related role, then you can try getting certificates from Hubspot or HootSuite too.

  1. Switch to Job Portals

Job portals have made job search very easier. Job portals are an integral part of the hiring process. On job portals, you can search for the jobs that you are willing to take, and so it saves you a lot of time. They also allow you to post your resumes and update your profile for the specific field, and thus you attract good employers who are looking for your services.


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  1. Work on Your Communications Skills

Now you all might consider this point to be an obvious one. We all are aware that to get any job, we need to be really good with our communication skills. But, a big ‘but’, when it comes to applying for a marketing job, you can trick your recruiter into hiring you just by showcasing some exceptional communicational skills. Do not take your communication skills for granted. It can do wonders if you cease to impress your interviewer by portraying excellent verbal skills. A marketer has to be good at this quality. So, if you are missing out on any other important skill, do not be too disappointed because if you possess excellent communication skills, you still stand a chance in grabbing ‘that’ marketing job.

  1. Be Sure of What Role You are Applying For

Now, we know that you are extremely anxious about the whole job-grabbing thing. But do not fool yourself by haphazardly running towards any job vacancy that you come across. You should be aware of your skillset and you must know which job post suits your profile. Do not apply anywhere and everywhere. You will directly face rejections if you are doing so because the people who hire you are not naïve. They are extremely experienced in what they are doing and they know very well how to scan candidates.

  1. Take Care of Your Body Language

When you finally get the opportunity to appear for an interview, you must make the best use of the opportunity. You must have really mastered your technical skills by now. But have you really thought about the basic manners which you must portray at the time of appearing for the interview? Do keep in mind that many times they let go of the most skilled candidates just because they lack basic professional etiquettes. Keep your body language correct, be humble while talking and dress in formals.

You have a well-planned guide in front of you. All you have to do is keep in mind all the above points and work on it very obediently. Wish you the best in life, you Future Marketer! Kudos!

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