How to Follow Up After a Job Interview with Sample Email or Phone

How to follow up after a job interview with sample email

After an interview, we all feel extremely tough to stay calm if the interviewer didn’t call back. Well, it’s important to keep patience because the interviewing process sometimes is longer than you can expect.

Although it might be frustrating to wait when you are extremely eager to welcome the new opportunity, it is always a good idea to contact the interviewer to check if how long it is going to take. So in this blog, we will be discussing how to follow up after a job interview and the right ways to do so to avoid looking impatient.

First things first: Follow-up after an Interview

The first thing to remember after an interview is to write a thank you email within two to three days of the interview. Thank you emails help you to stay in touch with the interviewer and to show your interest to work with the organization. Not every applicant writes a thankyou email, and so by doing this, you might create a better impression.

A thank you email is the right way to stay in contact with the interviewer, or else asking if you got the job or not or how long it is going to take might get a little uncomfortable. So writing an email after the interview thanking the hiring manager for the Opportunity is necessary. A thank you email should be humble and full of gratitude for the hiring manager for considering your application and giving you their time and Opportunity to present yourself.

This kind of email highlights your soft skills. Companies tend to choose candidates who already have soft skills and show respect towards the company even after the interview, as it is difficult to develop it at the workplace.

If you are overexcited and eager, you might end up annoying the hiring manager. But if you have sent a thank you email, things might get simpler to follow up after a job interview.

How to write a follow-up email in the right way?

Wring a follow-up email can make you confused about the subject line and what all to include in an email without making it sound impatient. So you need to have a proper subject line as well. Here are a few examples of the subject line you can use while writing a short and sweet follow-up email after the interview.

Best interview follow-up email subject line:

  • Thank you for your time[interviewer’s or hiring manager’s name]
  • Thank you for the opportunity.
  • Follow up regarding the position of [job title]
  • Thank you for considering my application
  • I really appreciate your time and advice

Body of your follow-up email:

 It would help if you keep your content simple and straight forward yet humble. You cannot afford to sound rude or too eager to listen back to the. Tell them you are waiting to hear back from them and wish to know if the decision has been made or not.

Now the next part after a subject line is the opening paragraph of the email. You should avoid directly jumping to the reason. You can begin by thanking them instead. The write way to it is by mentioning your job title, the date you interviewed, and indicate your eagerness to join their organization.

For Example: Thank you for selecting my application. I interviewed for the position of [job title] on [interview date]. It was great to meet with you in person and would love to work for the organization.

Now in the next paragraph, you can mention how excited you are to hear back from them, and if the decision has been made. Request them to let you know regarding their decision.

For example, I hope you are doing fine. I am really excited about the position I applied for and would love to hear back from you if the decision has been made. I request you for an update regarding the hiring process. Let me know if I need to do anything from my side. Hope to get in touch with you soon.

You need to keep the follow-up email short. You should not add unnecessary extra things as the interviewer does not have much time to go through long emails. So now end it with a thank you and your name and contact number.

How To Follow-Up After A Job Interview: Sample Email

 Subject: Thank you for the Opportunity

Respected Sir,

Thank you for giving me the opportunity you gave me. I had an interview for the position of software developer on 14th June 2020. It was great to meet you in person and to know in detail about the work.

I hope you are doing fine. I am very excited about this position and would love to hear back from you if the decision is made. I request you for an update regarding the hiring process and also if I can provide any sample of work any other details from my side. Hope to get in touch with you soon.

Thanking you,

John Carrington



Regardless of how you write a follow-up email after the interview, make sure not to do it more than twice. Although you deserve the feedback, sometimes the hiring manager can forget to do it. Instead of emailing them more than twice, try calling them at least once. This will help you know if the process is done or if you should wait. So here are a few things you should know before calling up the interviewer.


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How to follow up after a job interview phone call?

The best time to call after an interview would be after one or two weeks. As mentioned earlier, hiring candidates is a long process, and so calling immediately within two or three days would be inappropriate unless they asked you to do so.

If you plan to follow up after a job interview through a phone call, you need to keep in mind a few things before dialing an interviewer’s number to ensure a successful follow-up call.

Prepare for your conversation:

  • You are likely to get confused as soon as the interviewer receives your call. And so make sure you already know what and how you are going to talk. You need to be calm while talking to the interviewer.
  • Don’t immediately start talking about the reason why you called. Mention your name and ask if you can speak right now.
  • And if they say yes, then mention the position you applied for and your interview time and date. Then ask them if they have made the decision for the position or not.
  • If he says that it is still in process, request them to tell you when to expect to hear from them regarding your application or when you can call back.
  • You can also mention that you are interested in the position and would love to hear back from them.
  • End the call by thanking him.

What to avoid:

  • Do not call immediately after the interview.
  • Avoid calling soon after the interview.
  • Do not talk too loudly or too slowly.
  • Avoid giving a detailed explanation about yourself that takes too much of their time.
  • Please do not leave any desperate messages on their voice mail.

A follow-up call after the job interview works only if you are calling after 10 or 12 days of the interview, or you might end up annoying the interviewer. A follow-up call helps you develop a personal connection with the interviewer. This might help you show your interest in the position and can get you the job you are waiting for.

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