Ways to Find Your New Job During Covid-19

How to Find Your New Job in Covid-19 Pandemic

Coronavirus has greatly impacted the daily lives of many peoples throughout the world. Surviving this Pandemic is a challenge for many people. With the need of the time to stay indoors, few managed to work from home, but for a few industries, this was a loss of job and opportunities. Many sectors had to cut down on wages for their employees, while others asked their employees to leave their jobs because of bad financial condition. This has led to an increase in unemployment. The reports say that there is a 16% increase in unemployment in the month of April. Having a job or a source of income is the survival need of humans. The pandemic has affected many people’s jobs. Let’s discuss some of the ways to find your new job in the Covid-19 Pandemic.

Now you surely might think about how this new normal of working indoors and staying in is going to get you a new job. But this should be taken as a new opportunity instead of a problem, why not we accept the change that is going to help us get the best outcome. With the slowly opening of the counties, there is an increase and demand for work as the old employees had already lost their jobs and they need new ones. So eventually, it gave rise to employment. If you are someone who has recently lost their jobs, you surely want to find your new job to survive.

Well, this blog is exactly going to help you figure out new ways to find your new job in the Covid-19 pandemic. Your old resume and cover letter won’t be just enough this time, as there are a lot of other applicants like you applying for similar positions.

So you need ways to prove your worth better than earlier and update your ways to search for a job. Read on the following ways that will help you with how do you find your new job during these tough times:

  • Begin with your Research: Job is not going to come to you. The employers want you to be there to take them and prove your worth for the position. So research about the companies that are hiring new candidates. Reports have said that there many sectors who are hiring candidates even during Pandemic because of the rise in work. Industries that have increased their hiring are the medical industry, online tutoring, information technology, and much more. With the coming of the Pandemic, people also needed workers in the manufacturing industry of protective equipment, grocery stores, and delivery services. So, there are still many opportunities out there for yourself you might not know.
    So make sure you research the increase in job opportunities you wish to apply. The more you will research, the more likely you are to attract a new job towards you.
    If you already know what kind of job you are searching for, use keywords to search your jobs to find out jobs according to the position you want to apply. This way, you will know where your expertise and skills fit to get a new job.
  • Update Your Resume: Always make a habit of updating your resume, and so even during these difficult times, it is important to update your resume to get a good job. You are never the same person you were a year ago. So make sure you add your new work experience, your new responsibilities at your past position, new projects, and certificates you achieved, and the skills you developed in your resume. The employer should know how you have kept yourself updated and grown during and before the crisis.
    Don’t just write words in your resume. Make your resume a little creative by adding keywords related to your job search. Add words that recruiters are searching online to get attention to your resume. This will make you stand out from the other applicants, and a recruiter will also know your knowledge and expertise in your area of success.
    While your research already helped you to know what employers are looking for in new candidates, make sure to add at least a few skills in your resume according to it. This will attract the attention of the employer, and you are likely to get hired. Make sure you have all the required skills and, if not, try learning them while you still have a lot of time in your hand.
  • Update your Social-media Profile: This is the time to make the best use of social media, that you used just for memes. Yes! Companies have their social media accounts as well, and recruiters do search for candidates on social media. LinkedIn has helped both recruiters to find the perfect candidates for the role and has also helped employees to get in touch with the companies they wish to work in. This has proven to be one of the best mediums to search for a job. So make sure you have updated your account. Let people know that you are searching for jobs and are open to new opportunities. As you cannot go directly to the organization to ask about the hiring process, social media helps you connect with them so that you, as well as the recruiter, can reach out to you whenever required. So make sure your social media is updated.
  • Reach out to Job-portals: Job hunting can become stressful and overwhelming, usually when you are extremely in need to start earning. You might not be able to focus well because of stress, and chances are you might miss out on some important information. If you are finding yourself in such a situation, you can take the help of various job portals to get a job. Job portals have multiple companies that need candidates, and job portals will get you in touch with the recruiter according to your need and applications. Job portals have made job hunt during these difficult times much simpler.
    In a foreign country where you hardly know people making connections for the job is practically impossible. So job portals have connections with the recruiters and connect you with the right company according to your qualification and job requirements.
  • Keep Applying: You won’t immediately get a job, so even if you are not hearing back from your recruiters, you don’t need to keep waiting. With lots of applicants due to the crisis, the selection process might take longer than you can expect, so till then, keep applying to the various job you come across. You later will definitely have an opportunity to choose one which you think is best for you.
  • Look for options: You are likely to be stressed about the income till you find your new job in the Covid-19, so it is always better to take up a part-time job till you find a new one. There are various ways you can earn, so it is good to take up something part-time as well. This will help you keep your skills sharp and updated, so check out various jobs online where you can work from home.


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Apart from these all steps, you will need to prove to your employers that you are ready to accept the change and prepared to work by following all the safety rules and regulations. No company wants to hire employees that can’t follow safety rules and are careless towards their own health. So when you get an opportunity, make sure to explain why and how you are perfectly ready to work despite all the new challenges that have come to your way. This might just help you leave a good impact on the employer and increase your chances of getting hired.

Although the crisis has led to difficult times in the whole world, we surely hope to get out of this in a better way. It may seem not easy to get a full-time job immediately for now, but with the right steps, you can get a new one soon for sure.

Till then, you need to stay positive and keep working in a way that will eventually lead you to the place you always wanted to. Always remember what is most important to you and what you can do to make the most out of it. Working in the right direction and staying positive will surely get you a good job.

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