Guide On How To Better Describe Work Job Experience While Writing A Resume

how to describe work experience on a resume

The first point of contact between a candidate and an employer is the resume. The further movement of a candidate in the recruitment ladder depends on what is provided in the resume. Especially for working candidates, one needs to know how to describe work experience on a resume or write a resume with job experience.

From the perspective of an interviewer, the most important section in a resume is the work experience section. This is because this section contains all the details that attract employers towards taking the job offer to the next step.

The majority of employers look for this section in potential candidates. That being said, people make many mistakes when it comes to this section of presenting their skills and work experiences.

Some guidelines on how to describe work experience on a resume.

What should your work experience on a resume contain?

The section showcasing your work experience should show everything about your past employment history. The basic information that it should contain are as follows:

·         Organizations worked at till date

Mention the name of all companies that you have worked till date. Attach the necessary documents to provide proof for the same, if asked for during the interview. Keep in mind that attach only the companies relevant to the role for which you are applying for.

·         The time period of working

This is another thing that the employers/recruiters look for in their prospective candidates. If the period of working is short, add dates for eg 27th May 2018 – 26th July 2018. For a longer period of the employment period, months and years are enough for eg. May 2017- March 2019.

A point to be noted here is career gaps. Career gaps can happen for many reasons. You can speak of it if they are long ones.

·         Job positions

It is important to provide job titles in your resume. This will help the interviewer to understand the positions you worked in for. Remember to provide the title as given. Do not try to put flair in these or use acronyms.

·         Job responsibilities and roles

Provide job titles may give an inkling of what you did. But it is the job description that properly defines the job role that you played while in the job position.

Don’t make random lines as your job description. Prepare proper statements to give insight into your work profile. Also, word it in a way to give a measure of your work achievements.

·         Promotions

If in the line of working, you are raised to the next level. Give this point a special mention. The reason behind this is companies plan for the future and a candidate with high potential is what they are looking for.

·         Achievements

Give a special mention to all the awards and achievements that you received in your line of work. These achievements speak about your dedication to work and your fruitful endeavors in helping your previous organization gain heights.

How should the work experience section be formatted?

The information regarding all your job experiences should be provided in this section of work experience. While noting this section down, remember one point. Arrange the data properly. Without formatting, the entire section would look a mess. There are different ways of formatting available that are as follows:

·         Chronological format

As per this formatting style, all the experiences can be listed as per their time of joining. This format will give the interviewer a good insight into the work experience that you have gained to date. This method is most;y used when you work in the same line of working with consistently good years into it.

·         Functional format

This is a format that is adapted to suit the job position that you are applying for. Herein, it is not needed to provide all employment details to date. Rather, the major focus here is the experience gained done in a similar area.

Also, it focuses on the individual’s skill and achievement which gives a better outlook at what all you have in your arsenal of abilities. This format is mostly adopted by recent pass-outs or people with career gaps.

Beyond these formats is the combined formatting. This format is used at a higher level of job application such as executive, manager, etc. This method combines the best of both and provides a list of job experiences in chronology with skills gained besides achievements.


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Wrapping Up

While writing your resume, remember to keep all the points to precision and do not add any mouthy words. Keep the resume clean and to the point. As stated earlier, Work experiences play a major role in the interviews.

The above-mentioned points about how to describe work experience on a resume will help you bring out the best in you in front of the interviewers. Tailor your resume as your job application to suit the job position. This will help you gain a better look in the eyes of the employer.

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