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how to ask for a raise in salary

Good pay always encourages you to work better and better each day, which will help you grow your career as well as the organization you work for. Once that you feel you deserve better than what you are getting, you can’t focus properly on your work, and that isn’t good for you as well the organization. So its always better to ask for a raise once you feel you deserve it.

Asking for what you think you deserve and having a frank discussion about pay is difficult for most of us, especially if you are not that comfortable talking with your manager or boss. But you anyway have to do it to get what you deserve. But the question is how to ask for a raise the right way to get it?

First of all, make sure you are asking for what you deserve and not what you need. You might just think you need a raise because the rent of your house increased or transportation is expensive. These reasons are totally false to expect a raise for. So search for the salary other companies are offering you in the market. Keep in mind all the perks your recent company has before you start comparing it. Comparison is good only when you are looking for a positive side.

While you compare, make sure you want to stay and work for the same organizations for specific reasons.

Asking for a raise is a normal part of having a job because you are going to give yourself money. So if you think you worked good enough than what you are getting, then it’s the time to ask for a raise because it is not going to come walking to you, you do need to make efforts to give yourself all that you deserve.

Know the right way of how to ask for a raise without sounding rude or underconfident:

Prepare Yourself:

No matter how comfortable you are with the manager or the in-charge person, it is very important for you to have a conversation prepared in your mind. They will be expecting from you to prove your reason for asking a raise or a good reason why you deserve it.

The right way to do is by starting your conversation by mentioning your recent projects and how you have given your best for the better outcomes for the company. As mentioned earlier, during the conversation, explain the salary of people with the same qualification and experience are offered by the other companies. This way, you will be able to make your manager understand what you are asking is fair, and you do deserve a raise. Make sure to have the exact amount of raise you want in your salary. The more confused you are, the less are the chances of getting your request approved.

Decide when to talk:

The right time gets you all you deserve. So choosing the right time to ask for a raise is as important as it is to prepare a conversation for a raise. It is important that you know how is the financial condition of the company and if they can provide you a raise before initiating a conversation. There are chances they might reject your approval by giving you the reason for the low budget of the company.

The right time to ask for a raise could be at your annual performance review or after an important project; you were successful in, and even when your manager is in a happy mood. The right timing will help you make the manager think you actually deserve it.

What should you say?

This is the only question you had in your mind when you thought of asking for a raise, how to ask for a raise in salary, has made us nervous at least once during our career. Although there is no ready script, you utter while you talk about a raise, but these few things are surely going to help you speak in front of the manager.

  • Be Clear: You should have a clear tone of your talk rather than a confused one. This will help you prove your point easily with confidence.
    You can begin your conversation mentioning then that you are looking forward to work and grow along with this company, but you think you deserve a raise. You can even specify the last time you got a raise and the work and the responsibilities that followed it and why now you deserve a raise. Such sentences will help you let them know that you are requesting for an increase because you think you are giving your best to the organization.
  • Be Frank: It is extremely important to ask for how much you want. To specify the exact amount of raise you want in your salary. Now here you need to mention everything you know about the demand for your job in the market and that you are asking for nothing more than you deserve.
  • Negotiate if needed: You are not easily going to get what you want. You will be offered less than what you asked for, so negotiate if you are not satisfied with that. You cannot frequently ask for raise in your salary, so do not take anything you are not happy with. You need to be calm and polite even while you are negotiating. Getting rude to the manager can often cost you your job. So make sure to have a healthy conversation rather than a heated argument.

How should you Say?

How you talk is always as important as what you talk about. Your words make an impact only when they are expressed properly. You cannot simply speak what you want to and expect good results. You need to be expressive enough during such kind of conversations.

  • Talk with confidence: Your confidence in your words is likely to attract you what you want. So make sure you are confident from the moment you come into a manager’s office. There is no reason to be nervous about asking what you want.
  • Be Grateful: Your gratitude towards the organization while asking for a raise reflects your interest in working for them. This will help a manager feel that giving you what you deserve in a way is going to benefit the company as well.
  • Be Enthusiastic: Expressing your excitement to work and achieve future targets assigned to you will help you convince the manager to give you the raise you are asking for. Enthusiasm will get you what you deserve.


Tips for Effective Salary Negotiation to Consider

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Know what after a NO:

There are chances your request might not always get accepted. So be prepared for what you will say when if they don’t agree to give you a raise. There are chances your manager might say she will let you know or she will think about it that is completely okay. It will help if you keep patience.

In case they tell you a firm NO, it’s not the end. You can ask them what you need to improve in yourself and your work to deserve the raise. You should still thank them for listening to you and giving you their time.

In case you do not get a valuable reason for not giving you a raise or how you can improve yourself to get a raise, maybe it’s a signal to start looking for and applying for various other opportunities where you will get what you deserve.

I hope now you the right ways to ask for a raise you think you deserve. There is nothing wrong with asking for a raise, but it should be in a way that reflects your hard work. These steps mentioned above will always give you better results than others.

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