Essential Job Interview Tips before Attending an Interview

Essential Job Interview Tips before Attending an Interview

The word ‘interview’ can make anyone feel nervous whether you are a newbie in the corporate world or a professional with years of experience. The qualification and capability that you have earned through years of hard work are assessed in a few minutes to decide whether you are the right fit for a vacancy or not.

The process of interview is stressful as you have to prove your mettle to strange people in an unfamiliar environment in a certain time limit. But at the same time, it’s also rewarding as you can win a job offer that can help you climb the ladder of success.

So, instead of getting scared or anxious thinking about an interview, you should rather treat it as a form of an opportunity that has knocked at your door. Being prepared is the only way to make the most of this opportunity and take a step forward toward achieving your career goals.

How will you Stay Prepared?

Read the tips mentioned below to be ready for facing interviews with courage and determination. We have made this list of job interview tips by speaking with employers, recruiters, and career experts from various industries. Hope you will get benefited from it!

Follow this Job Interview Tips

  1. Research about the company and the industry

Job seekers, often, gain a little information about companies to which they send job applications. However, this little information is not enough when you are invited for an interview at any company. You need to learn in detail about the establishment, activities, and growth of the company.

You can use the Internet for reading news articles about the company to know their past accomplishments and future plans. You can understand the philosophy and strategies adopted by the company through their previous, current, and upcoming projects.

  • Go through their website and social media pages to understand their vision and goals
  • Read the reviews of their clients and employees on genuine review posting websites
  • Speak with their past and current employees to decipher the culture of the company

You might be able to learn about some interesting or unique facts related to the company by conducting research, for example, initiatives taken to reduce carbon footprint or contributions made to charity programs. Similarly, you might also come to know about certain facts that can help you stay cautious, for example, defaults made in loan repayments or lack of safety protocol for staff.

Along with the company, you should also research about the industry in which the company operates. It will give you an idea about the market standing of the company and their potential challenges.

  1. Find one reference who is linked to the company

You must have heard many times that candidates who apply for a job through reference have higher chances of getting selected that the ones who don’t apply through a reference. Though as unfair as it may sound, it’s true in the majority of the cases.

Candidates who get referred or recommended by someone linked to the company achieve a favorable outcome due to the bias that takes place automatically. So, having a past or a current employee of an organization refer your candidature for the vacancy can benefit you.

  • Use the LinkedIn page of an organization to chat with their former and current employees
  • Check whether the people in your network or someone they know can recommend you
  • Build a rapport and be polite with every person before asking him or her to do you a favor

If you decide to get a referral from any former employee of the organization, make sure that they left their job on good terms, and have credibility in the eyes of the hiring team and top-level executives.

  1. Make a list of probable questions that can be asked

The questions asked by the interviewer form the whole essence of an interview as the eligibility of the candidate is evaluated from the answers given for those questions. So, you should be able to answer all the questions with utmost preciseness and conviction.

If you make a blunder even in a single question, you risk getting yourself eliminated from contention. You need to formulate a list of questions that can be probably asked during the interview. Now, these questions depend on various factors, such as the job role, experience hold by you, and expectations of the company.

  • List down all the common questions and questions that you have faced in the past
  • Inquire from people who are or were employed in similar positions and companies
  • Read the vacancy details and your resume as questions that can be asked from them

While analyzing the job advertisement, read between the lines, as hiring managers and employers frame questions very smartly. Modify your resume to ensure that no tricky questions are asked from it.

  1. Draft answers for questions and practice them hard

Think and prepare answers for all the questions included in the list that you have made by using several sources. Brainstorm to write the perfect answer for each question. Your answers should seem to be coming straight from the heart but without lacking practicality.

Once, you have finalized the answers, practice saying them loudly in front of a mirror to observe your facial expressions and hand gestures. If you want, you can say your answers out loud in front of your friends to know their opinions and suggestions.

  • Whenever required, use the Internet to find ideal answers for probable questions
  • Record your answers and listen to the recording for knowing your tone and intonation
  • Show your answers to individuals working in similar positions and get their feedback

Use the commonly asked questions, like “Tell me something about yourself” or “Why should we hire you” to your advantage by crafting clever responses. Practicing answers boosts your confidence.


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  1. Make yourself presentable in front of the interviewer

Interviewers judge every candidate within the first five minutes of meeting him or her. So, if you fail to create a favorable impression in the mind of an interviewer within those crucial minutes, you might not be able to make up for it during the whole interview.

You should look professional while appearing for an interview. Choose formal attire even if the organization does not have any dress code or strict policies for dressing. Bring the natural charm on your face by concentrating on your sleep and diet before the interview.

  • Choose a nice formal dress as per your gender and the company you are visiting
  • No excessive make-up, high heels, dark colors, shiny accessories, and strong scents
  • Shampoo and comb your hair properly, trim your nails, and use a breath freshener

Both eating a heavy meal and not eating at all on the day of the interview are bad ideas as you would neither want your potential employer to hear your burping sounds nor your gurgling sounds.

  1. Show discipline, focus, and etiquette in the interview

No matter how extensive is your preparation, reaching the venue five minutes late than the pre-scheduled time, or entering the interview room without permission can ruin all your efforts and render you an unsuitable or ill-mannered candidate.

Therefore, you should follow a disciplined approach and etiquette rules for making your interview process smooth for all the parties involved. Stay focused throughout the interview to use your presence of mind and ooze confidence to tackle difficult questions easily.

  • Give a firm handshake, introduce yourself, and maintain eye contact
  • Pay heed to your posture and body language during the interview
  • Carry multiple copies of your resume as well as pen and paper

Never bring beverages and eatables with you to the interview and keep your mobile phone on silent mode. Check the route and the required time for reaching the venue beforehand.

  1. Take the charge and highlight the pros of hiring you

You cannot afford to behave passively while attending an interview as you need to give your interviewer a chance to know your capabilities and strengths. You have to be in the driver’s seat to give a desirable direction to the interview for coming out as a winner.

Exhibit a professional and positive attitude at every minute to show that you can be a valuable asset to the organization. Be proactive and put across points that can highlight your true potential. Show willingness and interest in the job opportunity as well as the organization.

  • Bring a fresh wave of energy in the interview room to make the interview feel refreshed
  • Deal with the personal or inappropriate questions with sheer calmness and brilliance
  • Never badmouth your previous jobs, colleagues, managers, and organizations

Keep some questions ready for asking the interviewer as almost every interview ends with the same question “Do you have any questions for us?”.

  1. Send a thank-you note and follow-up after some days

Thanking the interviewer for taking out the time to meet you is incredibly important as it helps you to create a great impression and stand out from fellow candidates. You should send a personalized handwritten note to the interviewer or interviewers who took your interview.

In case sending a handwritten thank-you note is not possible for you, you can express your gratitude through an email. If you have appeared for a telephonic or a video interview, it applies that you are located far away from the interviewer. In such a case, sending an email is the only option available to you.

  • Be concise in expressing your gratitude through a thank-you note
  • Find out the correct name/s of the interviewer/s for using the same
  • Inquire about the official email address/es of the interviewer/s

After a few days of the interview, make sure to follow-up with the company or recruitment agency to know the decision, but don’t sound too desperate for the job.

Final Takeaway

Give meaningful and to-the-point answers in a clear and audible voice for every question in each of the interviews you ever attend. If you feel nervous or get confused by any question during the interview, drink a glass of water, take a deep breath, and continue the conversation.

Staying optimistic is one of the important job interview tips as you cannot think about failure or disappointment. You should remember that every interview teaches you a crucial lesson that might help you in your professional journey sooner or later. You can make a journal to note down the positive and negative points of every interview you attend.

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