Effective Tips for Writing an Ideal Resume for Your Job Search

Resume Writing Tips to Boost Your Career

A resume is not just a document; it’s a medium to market yourself in the field of your expertise. There is constant competition, and it is extremely important to have a resume that gets you the interview. It is important to stand out from a large number of applicants, and only a good resume can do it for you.

Writing a resume won’t be that difficult once you know all the best resume writing tips. A resume is nothing else but a summary of your past job experience, your qualifications, your skills and achievements, and other details. It is your first impression on the employer and the only way to get yourself a personal interview. But it would help if you keep in mind while writing a resume that you should never include any false details about yourself or your career. This might get you into real trouble.

There are chances that getting yourself a job that you always wanted and the preparation to get it might make you nervous and worried, and so you might miss out on the important details of your resume. But now that you are already reading this, you don’t need to worry. To create a good resume, go through these resume writing tips and tricks, and get yourself the interview as well as the job you are eagerly waiting for a long time.

  • Choose the correct format: The first important thing to do while writing a resume is to have a proper format that highlights your achievements according to your post and qualifications. There are three types of resume formats and choose one that fits your role and qualification.
    1. Chronological Resume: This resume lists the work experience in reverse chronological order. So if you have a long experience for the post you are applying for, then you need to write your resume in this format.
    2. Functional resume: This format of resume highlights your skills required for the position you are applying rather than your past experience. So if you are about to change your career or a fresher with no experience related to the job you are applying, then you can create your resume in a functional format.
    3. Combination Resume: This format of resume highlights both your skills and your experience required for the job position you are going to apply. This resume format consumes a lot of space for your qualifications and works history, so you need to cut down on other details like hobbies, interests, etc.
  • Have your professional email: This may sound too obvious, but it is important to know that having an unprofessional email address might make you lose your opportunity. So it is extremely important to have a professional email address.
  • Mention correct personal information: Make sure you add your contact details right while writing a resume, as making a mistake in it might make you lose the opportunity. Also, remember that you don’t need to add details such as birth date, birthplace, marital status, etc. The employer is concerned more about your professional information, so do not fill up space with such details.
  • Use correct font size: Though choosing the right font is important, but so is choosing the right font size. Many of us try to make the mistake of either having a very large font size or sometimes too tiny. A resume should always be written in a font size of 10 or 12. Not more or less than it.
  • Write in reverse chronological order: You are always expected to write your recent experience and qualifications in a resume. So make sure you have mentioned your highest degree and recent work experience initially.
  • Use B, I, and U properly: The perfect resume needs to look perfect. So follow a pattern. If you have underlined one of your subheadings, underline all of your subheadings. Also, make sure not to overuse these as it might make your resume messed up and untidy.
  • Use attractive yet readable font: It is important to use a good as well as an easily legible font in your resume. You need to have a creative resume for sure, but not a creative font. Go for basic fonts such as Calibri, Arial, Verdana, etc. that an employer can read easily.
  • Add only required job experience: You don’t need to add all your past 10-15 work experience in your resume. Just add work experience where you stayed longer and is related to the post you are applying for.
  • Include links to your blogs and personal websites: If you have a professional website or a blog, you can add the link in your resume. You can also include your social media accounts like LinkedIn to your professional resume.
  • Mention your career summary initially: After your contact details, your employer needs to know your career summary before he looks for other information. Having a good career summary will make an employer read your additional information in order to call you for an interview. So write a perfect career summary in the beginning.
  • Read the job description well: This might again sound obvious, but reading a job description well will help you mention the details right. Make sure you have all the required skills mentioned in the job description and write them in your resume to get that job. You can also research the skills needed for the position you are applying for and mention it in your resume.
  • Name your resume file: It is extremely important to name your resume file correctly in order to draw the attention to your resume, or it might just end up in the inbox unread. Include your name along with the post you are applying for.
  • Write an explanation for career gaps: It is necessary to let them know the reason behind your career gap if you have any. Explain your reason in short. This will help them consider your resume for the interview.
  • Don’t repeat the same words: When you go through your resume, in the end, you might feel you have used similar concepts throughout the resume. For, e.g., you might have used the word “Responsible for” many times to try to use appropriate action verbs such as Persuaded, Execute, etc.
  • Add your achievements: Writing your skill along with your responsibilities and achievements can add a lot of weightage to them, the employer might take a note of your abilities and that particular expertise and give you the job.


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  • Rate your skills: This might come new to you, but this is one of the most important resumes writing tips. Employers like the resume where an applicant has rated their skills. Even many of the online resume apps have this feature, so make sure to use it as this might make your resume quite different from the rest applicants.
  • Proofread your resume: No matter how attentively you create your resume, always make sure you have gone through your resume at least 5 to 6 times thoroughly before forwarding it to the employer. This will save you from later embarrassment and anxiety in case of any error.
  • Add hobbies and interests: You might consider this section unimportant, but adding hobbies and interests to your resume can help the employer know about you and your personality in detail. You can research about the company’s work culture and add hobbies and interests accordingly.
  • Write a professional persona: A professional persona is a two-three line description of yourself. This will help you to get the attention of the recruiter, so make sure to create a unique description for yourself.
  • Update your online presence: If you have included links to your website or blog, make sure it’s correct and working. You also need to update your LinkedIn profile that matches your resume. Employers often tend to go through your links and social media before an interview.

These are the best resume writing tips to help you create a perfect resume to get yourself your dream job. Make sure that you follow these simple steps while writing your resume to create a perfect one.

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